Sleeping in the bed we made


The politicians running this country, supposedly on our behalf, have long fought against increased vehicular mileage standards and other conservation measures.

They said they would be too expensive, would hurt our economy, and would threaten our way of life. As a result, we now have gas prices that are too expensive, that are hurting our economy, and that are threatening our way of life. The difference is that rather than going to new innovations and technologies that would help our economy and even the environment, these added costs are going to governments that support terrorism and to obscene salaries for oil company executives.

People are now angry, angry at oil companies and politicians (the politicians are so scared they had the bright idea to buy us off with a $100 one-time bribe). Yes, the politicians, either through incompetence, by being beholden to big oil, or just plain lack of guts, are not guiltless. But they are not the most culpable; they were just giving us what we wanted. It is the people of this country who are to blame for high gasoline prices.

We are the ones driving the gas-guzzling vehicles, not using public transit or carpooling, driving when we could be walking, living in sprawl that requires us to drive long distances to go to work.

We are sleeping in the bed that we made.

Stephan G. Myers, Auburn