Smithsonian Networks to launch 60 programs


The Smithsonian Institution’s joint TV unit with Showtime Networks Inc. is expected to launch in April with a slate of more than 60 programs. Here is a look at the initial offerings:

-“Stories from the Vaults” – Actor Tom Cavanagh hosts a series of 30-minute shows from the archives of the Smithsonian’s museums to reveal artifacts and stories that visitors don’t always get to see.

-“The Hunt for the Double Eagle” – Story of the intrigue and greed stirred by the 1933 solid gold Double Eagle, the world’s most valuable coin. The coin was minted in 1933 but never circulated; few examples exist and the Smithsonian has two of them.

-“American Treasurers” – Show inspired by the National Museum of American History’s special exhibit of 150 of the most unique objects in the Smithsonian’s collection.

-“Nature Tech” – Three-part series explores the ways in which the natural world inspires scientists and engineers to create the next big invention.

-“Cutting Loose” – Documentary chronicling the vibrant life of Mardi Gras, following revelers from several walks of life through this grand New Orleans tradition. The film won the 1996 Filmmakers Trophy for Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival.

-“Critter Quest” – Naturalist Peter Schreimer, 22, introduces 5- to 12-year-olds to “the wonderful, icky world of creepies and crawlies” with educational components linked to Smithsonian initiatives.

Source: Smithsonian Networks LLC

AP-ES-01-28-07 1500EST