Snide writing


The Sun Journal can be so insensitive to a person’s hardship. This is in regard to Mark LaFlamme’s column “Miracle in Kennedy Park” (July 12).

The young man he described as laying belly up on the grass is my nephew. He is in critical condition with possible severe brain damage. The column’s snide remarks about my nephew’s “white flesh” and hoping he was wearing “clean underwear” were uncalled-for. This is a young man who is a brother, son, grandson, nephew, uncle, cousin and friend who is very much loved. His family and friends are by his side and praying for him, every day.

How would LaFlamme have felt if it had been someone in his family? Would he have still written his disgusting article? Probably – anything for a story.

If Sun Journal editors had any compassion, they would have refused to print anything like that before knowing all the details, and maybe reconsider who they hire for writers.

Anita Varney, Oxford

Editor’s note: The man was unnamed in the column.