Snow days mean last day of school pushed to June 18


LEWISTON — If there are no more snow days this winter for Lewiston schools, classes will end June 18 for the summer.

“That isn’t too bad,” Superintendent Bill Webster said.

So far, Lewiston schools have used six snow days. The original school calendar had the last day of classes June 10.

Snow days don’t impact Lewiston High School seniors, who will graduate as scheduled on June 6. “Our seniors are quite happy,” Webster said. “They do not have to make up the days.”

Auburn schools have used fewer snow days because they’ve had more vacation days.

So far, four snow days, Superintendent Katy Grondin said Tuesday.

According to the school calendar, the last day of school was June 9; now it will be June 12.

One reason Auburn has used fewer snow days is students had a longer break at Christmas.

Snow days will not impact Edward Little seniors, who will graduate May 31 at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston.

“We signed a contract with the Colisee this year,” Grondin said.

The possibility of having the high school graduation at the new Norway Savings Bank Arena in Auburn next year will be explored, she said. “We’ll have to talk about whether the Norway Savings Bank Arena will meet our capacity,” she said.

— Bonnie Washuk.