Snowe, Collins weigh in on Kagan pick


Both of Maine’s U.S. senators have put out initial statements on President Obama’s latest selection for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Both voted to approve Elena Kagan, the president’s pick, for the position of U.S. Solicitor General, but neither offers an endorsement of her for the top court at this point. The solicitor general is the person who represents the United States in cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

And both were informed of the decision by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in a phone call.

Snowe said Kagan presents “strong intellectual credentials.”

“As the process moves forward, I look forward to learning more about her experience and expertise, and to meeting with her to discuss a variety of issues, including how she would characterize her judicial philosophy,” Snowe said in a release. “I will apply to this nominee the same standard of review that I have in the past – that any Supreme Court nominee should bring a balanced approach to cases, possess a strong intellect and suitable judicial temperament, and follow a disciplined judicial methodology in reaching decisions.”

Collins said she told Emanuel she looks forward to meeting with Kagan to learn more about her experience and judicial philosophy.

“Ms. Kagan has an impressive resume of dedicated public service and strong legal credentials but she does not have extensive writings by which one can assess her judicial philosophy,” Collins said in a release. “In the coming weeks, I will closely examine her record as U.S. solicitor general. I will also follow the Judiciary Committee hearings so that I can better assess how she might approach issues as a judge.”