Snowmobiler injured in Rangeley Plantation accident


RANGELEY — A snowmobiler suffered a broken leg after hitting a stream washout Monday on the ITS 84 trail in Rangeley Plantation.

Todd Godwin, 41, of Limington was riding the trail just before 10 a.m. with his 16-year-old son when he drove up a hill and went into a brook washout, Maine Game Warden Patrick Egan said.

The Arctic Cat sled stopped and Godwin was thrown off the machine, breaking both his tibia and fibula bones in his lower leg, Egan said.

Being unfamiliar with the trail factored into the accident, Egan said. Godwin didn’t see the washout in time and couldn’t stop.

An off-duty police officer who was snowmobiling came upon the scene and drove out of the woods to call for help, he said.

The Godwins were traveling west toward Oquossoc, but were on the south side of Rangeley Lake, Egan said. Most make the trek on the north side of the lake to Oquossoc.

It took an hour and half to locate Godwin, who was 2.9 miles into the woods near Beaver Mill Pond Road, he said.

Eight members of Rangeley Fire Department went to help at approximately 10 a.m., fire Chief Tim Pellerin said. 

After several phone calls, rescuers realized they were on the back side of Rangeley Lake, and they had approached from the south shore, he said.

The firefighters first sent out chase sleds to find the scene before sending out a rescue toboggan. NorthStar Emergency Services personnel treated Godwin at the scene and helped take him back to a waiting ambulance, Pellerin said.

He was taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington.

The firefighters left the scene at 1 p.m.

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