Our so-called generals


People should call President Bush and tell him to shut down the Pentagon because we don’t need professionally trained general officers or troops. The 435 supposed “generals” in Congress think they know better how to run a war. Their answer: Pull out now.

So the cycle repeats itself. Iraq is now being constantly compared with the loss this country suffered in Vietnam because of the politicians who want to make political gains or say, “I told you so.”

The men and women of the armed forces are putting their lives on the line in Iraq, just to hear weak-kneed senators such as Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe bow to polls that major media put out and which have never supported the war in the first place. They disgust me.

So, sooner or later, I will see on television helicopters taking the last of the troops from the U.S. embassy and see thousands of Iraqis trying to charge the gates to escape retribution from the fanatics who would kill them because they cooperated with the United States.

Numerous people think we wasted thousands of men and women in Vietnam, only to see that country fall to communism. We haven’t lost that many yet in Iraq, but with the politicians in charge, we are sure to lose this war, too.

George P. Caron, Lisbon