Social time


Here at Tripp we do our work. The teachers push us to work, work, work. But what about socializing with our friends?

When I was in elementary school I had great friends. We used to hang out in class together and play a little football out on the playground. We had some of the greatest memories out on the playground field. I will remember those friends for the rest of my life. Now, I don’t see those friends. A lot of us have been split up between teams. I still see those friends, but only for mere seconds when passing them in the halls. Yes, we do give each other a little head nod, but what is that for communication? I know that we have out of school time to see those friends, but we dond’t have cars yet. Not all kids can get rides here and there to meet their friends. Some parents have busy lives. So how can we see these old friends and chat with them? A free time.

We spend usually 13 years of our lives in school. This is where we meet our friends, and sometimes future wives and husbands. But if our school doesn’t have those social times then how will these opportunities be available to us? If we have maybe 20-30 minutes free time during the day, or maybe just once a week, then we could definitely get in contact with our old friends who are in other parts of the school.

Our health teacher Mrs. Fuller would explain to us about our health triangle. She told us we have 3 sides that need to be balanced. Physical health, mental/emotional health, and our social health. Our triangle seems to be pretty crooked. We don’t have a social time at our school. At the beginning of the day we stand outside waiting for the bell to ring for us to go in. That’s not really a very social time. We j ust woke up about an hour ago and were cold and tired. Who wants to go walk around and chat with their friends when its about 20-25 degrees outside and your half asleep?

According to Dr. Tony Pellegrini, a professor of child development at the University of Georgia, “Every study shows that children are more attentive after recess.” Pellegrini adds that not having a recess during the school day is almost inhumane because children are being kept confined in their classrooms for hours each day. Prolonged periods of confinement in elementary classrooms have been found to lead to increased fidgeting, restlessness, and subsequent inability to concentrate. These quotes really make a point to why we should have a recess or free time in the schools that don’t already have one.

To get some opinions of this “Free time” I decided to ask a few students on what they think.

First, I asked Abbey Randall, 14, for her opinion for this social time, “I think it’s a good idea.”

Next, I asked Kaci Mikusevich, 13, on her thoughts, “Cool. That sounds like fun.”

Tamara Gagnon gave her thoughts also on this topic, “that would be like a really good idea. Students will benefit from that, I think?”

Lucas Witham, 13, stated, “The idea would be spectacular! Because then we could be nicer . . .” If we did have a recess and got active then we could go to Wendy’s and not get fat.”

Well those were the students. I’m sure people are thinking, “Well of course the kids are going to like the idea” so I asked a few teachers.

Mr. Walton, Siberian science teacher, said, “Sure I think students that have no demerits and no red stamps could participate in this sort of activity, but the others should have to sit and silent read.”

Mr. Thibodeau, Siberian Social Studies teacher, said, “A big part of your middle school experience is growing into a young adult and part of that experience is social and very important. Through an organized advisor/advisee program there should be an organized time to socialize. like a team building time to meet new friends and stay in touch with the old ones. Our schedule allows that right now with ssr. Through ssr we can still read but also use one of those ssr days to do team building activities or even do cross teaming activities with the wildcats or Bengal’s.

Mrs. Lea math teacher of the Siberian hall, said, “I think it would be a good idea to do more team building activities. I don’t think we should have cross team activities during the ssr time though due to time issues. The cross teaming activities should be planned ahead so we can have a longer stretch of time.”

So to get the final idea of this subject I decided to ask none other than our own Principal Mr. Bell, “We currently have an ssr advisory committee formed to look at potential ways for that time to be used for a number of activities as well as ssr.”

We have ssr everyday, 5 days a week. Why do we have to have it everyday? What’s wrong with missing ssr maybe just one day out of the week?