Soldiers as cannon fodder


Maine has lost another gallant young soldier.

War takes the best, most noble of our young men, drains our best gene pool and, yet, we continue to throw ourselves off the cliff like lemmings, self-destructing. War brings home men with sick bodies and sick minds, many angry and disillusioned, and we are infused with more poison.

It drains our economy of resources that could have been used to strengthen our country. We must choose our battles carefully, for we cannot help anyone if we don’t maintain our own strength. Like the song says, “When will we ever learn?”

When will we refuse to be cannon fodder to support egos of the political power-grabbers? Working for peace and a decent condition for all people takes patience and determination and, yet, sadly, we squander our resources.

One of my heroes is Mikhail Gorbachev. He gave up power for peace, and we averted a confrontation with Russia.

When will our politicians make choices that truly honor our country as a world leader?

Marilyn Burgess, Leeds