Solid waste and health care


The April 24 editorial explaining the differences between Portland’s solid waste disposal system compared to the Lewiston and Auburn systems was right on the mark. As the editorial pointed out, there’s no mystery that Lewiston and Auburn citizens generate twice as much waste as Portland, given that the costs are hidden from the public and that no one has to pay directly for their waste disposal in Lewiston and Auburn.

If you think Lewiston and Auburn are wasting a lot of money on bad solid waste policies, imagine the enormous benefit to the prosperity and health of Americans that could be achieved if we applied the same economic principles to health care. It’s reasonable to assume that the ratio of waste to value inherent in the present system and most health care proposals exceeds the 2-to-1 figure given in the waste disposal example.

DirigoHealth, single-payer proposals and MaineCare – which solid waste system do they resemble?

Lindsey Montana, Otisfield