Solve nation’s problems


Our Congress should be ashamed of itself. The leadership has approved a schedule that allows them to work only 100 days this year. That is disgraceful with all the problems facing our country. Gas and oil prices are sky-high, with oil companies making record profits. Health insurance costs make coverage out of reach for many Americans. More than 2,300 men and women have been killed in the war with more than thousands injured. The cost of the war is astronomical. The federal deficit is out of control. The Gulf Coast is still in ruins, people still homeless with thousands of trailers just sitting empty. And if that is not bad enough, there are still dead bodies in those ruined homes.

Those are just the major problems and that is not even mentioning decreases in Medicare benefits, student loan assistance, relaxation of pollution controls and the continued loss of jobs in our country. The administration states the economy is good, but every week we read in your paper of another company closing or having layoffs.

Maybe it is time we elect members to Congress who are willing to put in a little time to work on solving America’s problems, and maybe we should even choose people who have some common sense.

Pat Williams, Auburn