What if someone had called police?


I read the accounts of the stabbing of Morgan McDuffee and the trial of Brandon Thongsavanh. Each time I read it, I have asked myself, “What if?”

What if Mr. McDuffee and those who were with him had used one of their cell phones and called the police and reported a fight in progress? What if Mr. McDuffee, instead of trying to do what policemen are hired to do, had left the peacekeeping to them and let them break up this fight quickly and with as little injury to the combatants as possible?

What if Mr. McDuffee had done this? Would peace have been restored before Brandon Thongsavanh had an opportunity to get involved in a fracas that could have been minimal had the authorities been called?

As to Mr. Thongsavanh’s sentencing, what if he had also been a Bates College student? I truly believe the trial would have been very different.

It’s so sad to think that one phone call could have saved two lives and so much suffering for their families.

You just can’t help but ask yourself, “what if?”

Donna Hilton, Sabattus