Something wrong


I am so tired of everyone blaming Barack Obama for the mess this country is in. It’s not just one man’s fault and it didn’t happen in the past year.

There is certainly enough blame to go around and the biggest culprit is greed, whether it’s a bank, car builders, right down to individuals and Congress (most of all). Funny how they can get their cost of living raises and tell us we don’t need one.

While some are struggling to get by, others are lining their pockets. You can’t get anything through Congress no matter how good or bad without lining the pocket of another to get his/her vote.

Insurance companies want to raise their rates because so many people have dropped their insurance because of price. So they want to get those who have insurance to cover it all.

I feel bad for anyone who lost their insurance because of job loss, but I am sick and tired of paying for those who won’t and don’t work, and this didn’t start when the economy took a dive. There are people who won’t work who have better coverage than those who worked all their lives.

A woman with one child, living at home with her parents, works seasonal work, then draws unemployment the rest of the time. She filed for earned income credit and got back $4,200.


There is something wrong with this picture and I am sure there are thousands doing the same thing.

Wilma D. Turcotte, Auburn