Sounds too good


Wow, Sun Journal — 1,700 people working in a casino and 1,000 extra jobs in the Oxford Hills area? Sounds too good to be true.

I sure hope those 1,700 people work in three or more shifts, or there won’t be room for the suckers to lose their money.

Out of those 1,700 employees, how many will be management level and earn enough money to live a middle- or upper-middle class lifestyle? How many will be earning minimum wage or a dollar or two above it and be able to live a life of constant struggle?

In that crowded casino, an awful lot of people will have to lose their money to pay those employees, the construction and mortgage costs, the taxes that the promoters say they’ll pay out and the profit that motivates all of that.

I’m disgusted. I feel like asking for a free subscription for every year there are less than 1,700 plus 1,000 jobs created by this casino.

I will vote no. I believe it’s a scam or close to it.

Vickie Rogers, Otisfield