Sparks fly in and out of courtroom


premieres on Hallmark Feb. 3

It’s disorder in the court when a pair of cynical lawyers fall for each other while on opposing sides of a divorce case in “Love is a Four Letter Word,” a Hallmark original movie premiering at 9 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 3.

Teri Polo, Robert Mailhouse, Barry Bostwick, Donna Mills and Mariette Hartley star in the romantic comedy about the battles that take place in the courtroom and the bedroom.

Success in mediating divorce cases has led to cynicism in love for lawyers Emily Bennett plyed by Teri Polo, “Meet the Fockers,” and Kenton Rhodes (played by Robert Mailhouse, “Sports Night.” The more they win, the more they believe that relationships and marriage just don’t work. But their battle-hardened shells begin to crack when they meet at the wedding of their respective friends.

Sparks fly immediately, followed by a romantic walk on the beach and a moonlit kiss. The pair gets more than they bargained for the next morning, when they show up for court and realize that they are on opposite sides of the divorce case of Martin, played by Barry Bostwick, “Spin City,” and Margot Harper, played by Donna Mills, “Knots Landing.”

As Kenton and Emily struggle with their personal and professional reasons against being in a relationship, the Harpers’ divorce begins to make the couple realize that they may each be losing more than just material possessions.