Speech competition participation winners


On Thurs., March 16 students from Mr. Steve Fairbanks’ class had a pizza party to celebrate their participation in the Tripp speech competition. You see, in the very beginning of January, Mrs. Cynthia Duguay, Tripp’s Advocate advisor, put out a notice. It stated that the English class that had the highest percentage of participants in the speech competition would receive a pizza party, courtesy of Mrs. Duguay herself.

I was surprised when I heard that 90% of the class had entered the speech competition. That must have taken a lot of hard work and effort. Especially because I saw that a lot of classes reactions weren’t nearly as ambitious. I asked Mr. Fairbanks what he did to motivate his students to reach such success. He said that he told his students, “You’re a small group, you have a chance to win it all…” He also stated that a big factor was that Mrs. Duguay dangled a pizza in front of my nose…”

It was quite impressive that this class was able to all put forth so much effort. The students in this class who participated were Megan Arsenalt, Kodi Barret, Marlee Collins, Jacob Cross, Crystal Davenport, Shaelie Dumont, Matthew Gray, Cassandra Lagasse, Teresa Matta, and Emily Murphy.

Some of the topics of the students’ speeches were Gay Marriages (pro), Phys. ed. a requirement and Phys. ed. all year round, Blood Transfusion (against), kids having their own bedroom, a stop to mix it up lunches, and having a free social period during school. All of the topics proved to be well put together, effective speeches.

When I asked Mr. Fairbanks what he thought of the success of his students, he said, “I was in awe of their talent.” This was followed by laughter from the kids.

Although the class was happy they had the best participation in the competition, some of them were a little doubtful of the actual end product, “I definitely could have done better,” said Kodi Barret, one of the students.

When the party was coming to an end, Mrs. Duguay made on announcement about the Academic Advocate. She said since they seem to be motivated by their stomachs, and there is an end of year party, this may inspire many new writers to start participating in the Advocate