The spelling bee


This year, the three people who participated in the Union spelling bee for Mechanic Falls were Jesse Ferguson (grade six), Cassady Applegarth (grade seven), and Lindsey Kasik (grade eight). There were three students from each of the participating towns; Mechanic Falls, Minot, and Poland. Every student had to spell a word each round. It was the last round with only two people left. Lindsey Kasik and Drew Gallant were the last two people. Even though there would be a determined winner here, both students got to participate in the county bee. It turns out Drew won and everyone congratulated him. Lindsey was runner-up.

Both Drew and Lindsey got to go to the county bee held on March 1. As people kept spelling words wrong, there were only two people left again. This time it was a girl in the seventh grade named Savannah and Mechanic Falls’ very own Lindsey Kasik. It seemed like a million rounds, but finally Lindsey spelled a word right and then spelled the second one right. She won first place at the county bee! Now all she has left is the States and Nationals. We’ll see what happens!!