Sports done right


Athletics are a major part of many students’ lives. But there are many problems with sports around our country. On October 12, a baseball coach from Pennsylvania was sentenced to prison for offering an 8-year-old $25 to hit an autistic teammate with a baseball to prevent him from playing.

With events like these, schools and recreational programs around the country are looking for answers. The answer for Poland Regional High School is Sports Done Right (SDR).

SDR is a program that encourages students to enjoy sports without extreme pressure from over-demanding coaches and rude fans. SDR also touches on leadership, personal growth, health and fitness, and goal setting.

PRHS already practices many of the SDR principles.

“Our school does a great job understanding and using this program to help the student-athletes,” comments Don King, Athletic Director at PRHS. “SDR has really made our school stand out positively, and we are proud to be a Sports Done Right school.”

“[It] encourages kids to set and achieve goals while participating in their respective sports,” says Mr. King. “We had a guest speaker come in and talk for our fall sports teams about setting goals.”

Athletes in PRHS agree. “I think the program works great. I think it’s a great idea to set goals because it gives us something to strive for,” comments senior football star B.J. Grondin.

However, not all athletes share the same view.

Another star senior, Joe Douglass, points out a controversy: “I think to a certain extent, our school is too nice to win year in, year out. Some schools we play only care about winning, which makes it tough for us to always compete.”

Mr. King acknowledges the comment.

“I have never gone out to play a game with an intent to lose. We want to win here at PRHS, but we do not condone winning at all costs.”

Sports Done Right is a great reminder for fans, coaches and athletes to have fun in sports, but also to use sportsmanship and leadership. It has worked at PRHS.