Stan’s Trivia Bits


Little Orphan Otto? The title character in the comic strip “Little Orphan Annie” started out as a little boy named Otto. Cartoonist Harold Gray changed Otto to Annie before the strip’s first publication in 1924.

Three brothers named Mack went into the truck manufacturing business in the early 1900s. Though a subsidiary of Volvo today, Mack Trucks’ primary manufacturing facility, as well as its corporate headquarters, are still located in the same state where the Mack brothers set up shop in 1905. In what state?


B) Tennessee

C) Pennsylvania

D) Nebraska

Answer Monday.

Thursday’s answer: A cello made by Italian master craftsman Domenico Mantagnana in 1733 made worldwide headlines in 1999 when cellist Yo-Yo Ma, its current owner, left it in a New York taxicab. (He did get it back.)