Stan’s Triviabits


n Coincidence? It’s never been fully explained. During the two weeks preceding D-Day on June 6, 1944, at least four codenames relating to the ultra-secret operation appeared as answers in the London Daily Telegraph crossword.

n The great-great-grandfather of humorous poet Ogden Nash was the brother of Revolutionary War Gen. Francis Nash, for whom Nashville, Tenn., was named.

What innovative method has been used successfully as a crime deterrent in the mass-transit stations of Sydney, Australia?

A) Playing of classical music

B) Spraying of fresh-bread scents

C) Handing out free earplugs

D) Installation of big-screen TVs

Thursday’s answer: Through 2005, the only film ever to win a Best Picture Academy Award and not be nominated in any other category was the 1932 winner, “Grand Hotel.” This was due at least in part to its ensemble cast of seven major stars.