How to start your home gym


Here are five basic pieces of exercise gear you’ll need to get a health-club quality workout at home, and what you should expect to pay for quality equipment:

– Elliptical machine, $1,750 to $6,500.

– Treadmill, $1,750 to $6,500.

– Home multi-gyms, $1,500 to more than $10,000.

– Exercise bike, $800 to $3,000.

– Free weights and flexibility equipment (including medicine ball, jump ropes, etc.), $29 to $4,500.

What you need to know

Three important questions to ask :

– Who will deliver, install and test my equipment?

– What kind of warranty am I getting? Note: Reputable companies will have minimum parts and service warranties so be sure you know the details.

– How will I get my machine serviced if something should go wrong?