State House candidate in Sabattus calls Parkland shooting survivor a ‘skinhead lesbian’


[UPDATES: A pro-civility Republican also emerges to challenge Les Gibson ‘Horrified’ Democrat decides to take on Gibson for House seat Leslie Gibson under fire for his comments on Parkland teens Republican state senator, Democrats call for Gibson to withdraw from state House race]

Two of the students who survived a shooting at a Florida high school last month have drawn harsh attacks recently from a Sabattus Republican who is running for the Maine House of Representatives.

Leslie Gibson, the only declared candidate for the 57th District, took to Twitter to call one young woman as a “skinhead lesbian.” He also denounced another as “baldfaced liar.”

The comments have stirred up some in Democratic ranks, but so far nobody has emerged to take on Gibson.


“I wish I knew someone who could get into this race,” said Pat Fogg, a Democratic organizer in Greene. “That sort of stupidity really turns people off.”

Gibson said Monday that during his career in the military, he took an oath “to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States,” and he holds faith in those words.

“Because of this,” he said, “I am very passionate about protecting our constitutional rights from those who seek their elimination. It was not appropriate to single out the Parkland students, but I stand firm in my defense of our constitutional rights.”

The 18-year-old whom Gibson singled out, Emma Gonzalez, is perhaps the most visible of the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. In the wake of a massacre there that left 17 students or staff members dead, she has emerged as a leader in a students’ fight to make assault rifles harder to acquire.

“There is nothing about this skinhead lesbian that impresses me and there is nothing that she has to say unless you’re frothing at the mouth moonbat,” Gibson wrote.

Gibson said in another tweet that calling her a survivor, as many have done, is disingenuous because she “was in a completely different part of the school” when students were gunned down.

Gonzalez, who has a buzz cut, called herself a Cuban bisexual in a piece she wrote for Harper’s Bazaar. She also declared that she likes to draw, paint, crochet, sew and embroider, cannot pick a favorite color and watches Netflix.

“But none of this matters anymore,” she wrote. “What matters is that the majority of American people have become complacent in a senseless injustice that occurs all around them.

“What matters is that most American politicians have become more easily swayed by money than by the people who voted them into office. What matters is that my friends are dead, along with hundreds upon hundreds of others all over the United States.”

The other student whom Gibson has criticized and ridiculed, David Hogg, has also been outspoken in taking on the National Rifle Association.

The incident that apparently angered Gibson involved an appearance Hogg made on CNN during which the Parkland student lashed out at NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch. He accused her of working with gun manufacturers to control Congress.

“She owns these congressmen. She can get them to do things,” Hogg said on CNN, adding, “She doesn’t care about these children’s lives.”

Gibson again took to Twitter, calling Hogg “a baldfaced liar. Dana Loesch ‘owns’ Congressmen? Completely absurd.”

Gibson pointed out that the NRA is not even among the top 50 lobbying organizations in terms of spending on campaigns.

Then he wrote, “Hogg doesn’t get a pass when he blatantly lies.”

Gibson, who has since made both his personal and campaign Twitter accounts private, has a history of retweeting rather incendiary comments, often from accounts in Maine that are stridently anti-immigrant.

Fogg said it is unfortunate Gibson is the only person who has come forward to seek the House seat. She said his comments are part of a trend toward “name-calling and disparagement” that bothers most residents.

“There are disaffected Republicans because of people like that,” Fogg said.

Gibson, retired from the U.S. Navy, has rarely hesitated to state his political opinions vehemently. For years, he has taken to social media to comment on immigration, defend conservative politicians and promote Republican policies.

Last month, he explained on Facebook after “the tragedy that occurred in Florida” there has been “a lot of misinformation, and flat out lies” circulated by “the liberal media and leftist anti-Second Amendment groups.”

As a life member of the NRA, he said he stands with the group’s efforts “to protect and preserve our Second Amendment rights,” which he insisted are “under attack.”

“The NRA and its members are being blamed for the Florida tragedy,” Gibson wrote. “Such blame is patently misdirected. The blame rests solely with the person who committed these murders.”

He said he does not  trust “leftist politicians or the liberal media when they claim that no one wants to take your guns away. That’s exactly what they want to do. I don’t care what they say.”

Gibson said that if elected, he will “lead the charge in the protection and preservation of our constitutional rights and our Maine traditions against these attacks.”

Elaine Makas, chairwoman of the Androscoggin County Democratic Committee, applauded  Gonzalez and Hogg for making themselves heard and refusing to back down.

“Anyone who was at Parkland was affected by the shooting — loss of friends, loss of feelings of security — but the Parkland students are far from victims,” she said. “They, unlike many of us, are not afraid to speak out against overly lax gun laws that allow an 18-year old with clearly documented problems to have access to a weapon of war.

“In addition, these students and others across the country are showing the courage to persevere, not letting  the passage of time give us an excuse to ignore another needless tragedy.”

Party candidates have until Thursday to file petitions to claim a spot on the ballot. Independents can file until June 1.

The 57th District is represented by Stephen Wood, a Republican who cannot run for re-election because he is in his fourth term, the longest he can serve by law. His district includes Greene and Sabattus.

(Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

  • David M. Perry

    This bigot has no place in public life. It’s regrettable that he’s running unopposed.

  • The’BunksAreBest

    He is the very model of the modern Maine ‘GOP’.

    What kind of ‘man’ attacks minors in such a way?

    I guess one with this name:


    • fredoandme

      here’s another upvote for the gilbert and sullivan reference.

  • FrankE

    This guy is so off the wall, maybe we should publish the names of anyone found to have even considered voting for this Republican. I am so sick and tired of hearing one sob story after another regarding NRA nuts and their will to keep their guns. I’ve been a gun owner all my life. I’ve owned Bushmasters when I was younger and have always had something around the house. I’m not a hunter, and I’ve never felt obligated to join the NRA. This guy sounds like a sick example of the true NRA membership, mentally imbalanced…………..

    • Paul Duca

      80% of legal gun owners don’t belong.

  • RegMainer

    Passionate man…might be a little rough around the edges but I’d rather deal with someone whose stands are plain than the double-speak we get from politicians. Has Mr. Collins ever read some of the “incendiary” tweets and Facebook rants that come from Leftists toward the Right? This faux outrage is just that…faux, BS, rhetoric for political gain, you get the idea…

    • chris1465

      “I’d rather have a delusional racist attacking mass shooting survivor children in office, than someone who would try to explain to me why that’s wrong”

      • RegMainer

        Racist? Where? I don’t see a word in this article about race. You Lefties don’t even know what that word means. You stick it on everything. It doesn’t mean a thing anymore. As for David Hogg…he did lie. So did the Sheriff. Not a single NRA member responsible for that shooting. Anti-2nd Amendment people have used this issue, and others, for political gain. The blame DOES rest on the shooter. You might not like how he said it and I may not have used his words myself, but the substance of what he says is true.

        • Tony Ventura

          Your’re right Reg…racist wasn’t the right word. Bigot, was the correct adjective. When you refer to someone as a “skinhead lesbian”, that is being bigoted in anyone’s book, and on two fronts. First, for choosing to have a buzzcut, she is appearance shamed, and then because of her lifestyle preference, she is being shamed sexually. Get it? This is bigotry. Your boy is a bigot, and you support a bigot. I’m not sure what that makes you, but in the very least…ignorant.

          • RSSAA

            Not only that, but bisexual is not the same as lesbian.

        • Jon Mennealy

          When the story of a black Lewiston teen charged in a robbery was in the paper this winter, and it included only a photo and the teen’s name, Les Gibson’s comment was, “Well, this begs the question…if it had been anyone other than a Somali Muslim who committed this crime, would the result have been the same?” Judge’s leniency aside, I did not see anywhere in the story any reference to the teenager’s nationality or his religion. Why would Mr. Gibson ask his question like that?

        • Hey Cupcake

          Don’t argue with people who are deliberately or stupidly obtuse.

    • EM Burke

      Dear RegMainer: I’m confused by your comment. Mr. Gibson is a politician. What else could he be, since he’s running for office? Also, what makes you so sure that anyone who rants against a Republican is a Democrat/Leftie? There are Republicans who are upset by members of their own party.

    • Jimijams

      Ah yes, the, “Well they do it too!”
      Childish, ignorant & not an excuse for bad behavior.
      When you’re at work and do something wrong, do you tell your boss your co worker did it too?

  • Jon Mennealy

    A few years ago Mr. Gibson proposed an ordinance in Sabattus that all residents would be required to own a gun.

  • chris1465

    Sorry dude, the skinheads are on your side.

  • Martin d-18

    Les has been a mean old delusional and reprehensible human being for a long time. In his copious spare time he frequents the newspaper comments section to spread his insults and hate. Basically…your average Maine Republican.

  • FrankE

    I think this guy has gone above and beyond in his attempt to educate the public to his narrow minded beliefs. Now it’s up to the voters to keep this guy out of office at all costs. As is the case with most Conservative political hacks, they are in office because simple minded individuals actually voted for them. Just look at what two terms of Paul LePage has accomplished, look at the progress or lack there of, that Trump has made in office.
    It’s not the delusional political official that’s a problem in present day politics, it’s those weak minded people who allow themselves to be lied to and cheated out of their hard earned tax dollars, who will believe a pathological liar and then wonder why they were lied to.
    People need to put more effort into educating themselves on political issues and refrain from believing every word they hear……………..

    • earring

      You raise the single-most critical point and I’d give 1000+ recs if I could. Our nation is in peril because some large minority of voters are swayed by negative election advertising and outright lies fed incessantly by RW Rage-ee-o and FauxNews. Why do some people fall for it? Why are others immune from it?

      • Brad101

        George Carlin had a great comedy routine where he basically said we have the illusion of freedom through exercising meaningless choices. Types of cereal: 200+, types of dog food: 100+… but political parties: 2, electric company: 1… he was right, as was George Washington in his farewell address when warned against the dangers of political parties. Unfortunately the democratic party has gone so far left that those in the center right (who may have voted for a centrist democrat) has no one to vote for but the lesser of two evils. The slimy politician who calls me a deplorable or a fascist for earnest political positions (even moderate ones) or the slimy politician who at least gives lip-service to fiscal responsibility and patriotism. Either way we all lose… Both parties should shun “ideological purity” litmus tests for their candidates, but they don’t. We just get another election between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

        • TLG

          You can also say the same about the right, it has gone so far right of center. The choice of trump was not the lesser of two evils, it was absolutely rock bottom. I don’t think we will ever financially recover from the looting that has happened and the relaxation of rules that allows industries to dump toxins into lakes and rivers again. Its all about full on capitalism without any social balance and if profit and just the goal of more, more, more it will accelerate the cancer. No other country can invade or hurt us, we are rotting from the inside, but lets spend trillions more on military… but how dare we question that George had some things to say about that and religion.

        • earring

          I applaud your open-mindedness but have to agree with TLG’s reply that the Overton Window has shifted far right. The Democratic Party has shifted right, not left. WJC governed center right, Obama governed like a moderate gop, and the actual gop just called both of them names and invented phony scandals to derail them. The gop called Obama a commie and questioned his citizenship status for 8 years. Easy to believe the root cause of gop dislike of Obama was deep-seated racism.

          Seems like 1) US political discourse has gone off the rails; 2) now the craziest spin wins elections; and, 3) if craycray is the winning way, everyone will play cray.

          George was insightful, thanks for the reminder.

    • Earthling4

      Intelligent people have always been in the minority.

  • onefoool

    This is the modern GOP

    And thats why you should vote, folks….kill it at the roots…dont let sickos like this in office EVER

  • Gotitbutsmh

    He said that about a survivor then tried to apologize? Wow, what a POS and an embarrassment to the uniform. What’s in the water in Maine?

  • Hey Cupcake

    Ladies and gentlemen, your god-fearing GOP!

  • Oscar Wildling

    Wow, move over, LePage, we’ve got another national embarrassment on our hands!

    Maybe Leslie’ll get himself a little participation trophy.

    He’ll probably lose even though he’s running unopposed.

    Write in candidate, anyone?

  • thewah1964

    This man isn’t qualified for any government position whatsoever.

  • Jimijams

    I don’t care if you call teens who survived a school shooting names. I don’t care the president cheated on his wife with a porn star, but please, do us all and yourself a favor and STOP calling yourselves conservative christians who look down on everyone else like we have no morals or values because you are morally bankrupt and conserve nothing.

    • Brad101

      I would appreciate it if you would not smear all Republicans because this guy is an @$$hat. If you want to know why we got stuck with President Trump, I suggest you look in the mirror. Its a bunch of people who were sick and tired of being talked down to by smug progressives. I agree that conservatives should not look down on others who differ in their political beliefs. Many do not, but I will tell you that a lot of them are sick of being looked down upon by you all as well (think Joy Behar). You reap what you sow. Until both sides can learn to be nicer to one another and stop equating political differences with being an evil person, this dynamic will continue… and most likely worsen. I remember when most conservatives though progressives were “misguided”, but not bad people… a lot of that changed when we started to be called “fascists” or “mentally ill”. Identity politics will be the death of this country… and no one does identity politics like the Democrats.

      • TLG

        No we got stuck with trump because of ‘the slaughter of all those precious babies in the womb’.. but drop a bomb on them or shoot one and wave a flag and its glory. Damn whining about baking a cake for a gay because sky daddy will send you to hell, and oh those atheists that are ‘persecuting you for your faith’. Immigrants and minorities are the only killers and rapists, nevermind that good ol’ American boy next door.. just had one making bombs blow himself up in Wisconsin and his pastor is making excuses (imagine if that was the leader of the local mosque?) What a load of horsecrap and identity politics in itself. This dynamic will continue because these people ARE racist and christian dominist fascists.. there is no room at the table for all. It is not the United States of America its the my way or the highway states of ‘merica.. and they just cant wait to do a ‘purge’ if they dont get their way. That is the death of our country, they love the intellectually and morally bankrupt trump because he is the mirror of who they are. Period.

      • Julie Lynn Collins

        “Nice to one another?” You mean, like – supporting a man for President of the United States after he bragged about his habit of grabbing women by the p*ssy? Yes, many people look down on that. Not just “the left.” And this slimy guy from Maine attacks a teenaged girl for her haircut and her sexuality? He’s trying to look down, but from where he is, he can only look up.

      • Jimijams

        I love your post!!
        You start with the classic, “Not EVERY republican is the same so don’t stereotype us”
        Somewhere in the middle you claim you want both sides to come together for the good of the country.
        And end with the even more classic “Nobody does identity politics better than democrats!”

        You know what buddy?
        There have been 44 men (I only count Grover as one person) that have taken the office of the president, and ALL of them deserve our scrutiny, critique and observation. They are our employees and we are their bosses.
        I don’t hero worship politicians, not Clinton (Either of them) Obama, Reagan, Bush or Trump.
        I am sick & tired of the GOP grabbing their religious base and screaming at the top of their lungs, “SEE WE are moral! We have values!!”
        They don’t have ANY morals or values and if you dare tell me they are fiscally conservative I will laugh so hard I might start crying.

        • Brad101

          That’s your problem. You start out thinking politicians (of any party) have morals. I blame voters for part of it. Voters on BOTH sides vote in politicians who say they won’t compromise… then we complain that nothing gets done. That is what ideological purity gets you.

          • Jimijams

            Self professed conservatives SCREAM how moral they are. They have a freaking convention that’s called Family Values Summit for god sake!

            You can’t possibly be this ignorant. Are you sure you don’t live in a dark cave?


    I’d like to suggest that Gibson stick to attacking only people at his own level of vileness, but they’re all fellow Republicans.

  • EM Burke

    Mr. Gibson probably reads the Second Amendment such that ordinary citizens should also be allowed to own tanks & grenades. After all, his reading of the Second Amendment doesn’t take into consideration the “well-regulated militia”, only that citizens shall not be barred from arming themselves. Also, always believe what a person says in a moment of ire–that is what they really mean. His apology is an empty one. I do hope some more intelligent person runs in his district. That he’s the only person running is a travesty.

    • Earthling4

      Pretty much anyone would be “more intelligent” than this cretin. A better qualifier might be “any reasonably intelligent person;” as that would eliminate quite a few undesirable potential candidates who would nevertheless still be more intelligent than the mannequin in question.

  • Grandpa Rudy

    Leslie, sweetheart, you need to get a life.
    What kind of “man” attacks a teenager for what she believes in?
    And what’s with the appearance shaming and other derogatory remarks?
    Oh, I forgot, you are the epitome of GOP idiocy.
    What a piece of shyte you are!

    Edit: “Party candidates have until Thursday to file petitions to claim a spot on the ballot. Independents can file until June 1.”

    I’m going to keep track, and financially support any progressive who will run against you!

    • Paul Duca

      Moderate as well?

      • Grandpa Rudy

        Center of the road/moderate would still be heads and above better than this schmuck!

  • Kevin Jackson

    Almost as if the GOP puts a vile human being at the head of their party in the nation and the state that they get vile cockroaches to come out from under their rocks. What in the hell happened to the party I used to be a member of. This man should be ashamed to call himself a man. He’s a piece of excrement.

  • Deborah Henderson

    Heaven’s to Betsy. I can not believe that in the great state of Maine, there isn’t someone willing to run (and win!) in order for there to be some civility, sanity and intellect in state government. This can’t be a throw up your hands and say..”oh well” situation. no. no. It can’t.

  • Shanghai Brown

    If this is the only candidate Maine has for this seat, they should leave the seat vacant until they can find someone better. What an ass.

  • Someone–ANYONE–who has a moral compass and is a human being with even a halfway developed sense of empathy, PLEASE step up and run for office. The deadline is only in TWO days, by Thursday of this week. People from all over the country will support your candidacy. Make it clear that a person who says and thinks these things does not have the qualities necessary to hold public office.

  • Roger Meyer

    More bad PR for Maine? Mr. Gibson, we do not need your patriotic pandering and naive defense of the Constitution. The Second Amendment reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” There is nothing “well regulated” about an 18-year old taking a military assault rifle into a public school and killing fellow students. You evoke the Second Amendment, but incorrectly.

    Like most rights, i.e., speech, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited. If, “the blame rests solely with the person who committed these murders” as you say, then we might as well have heroin in Walmart since the blame falls squarely on the person to OD on it. But the real world does not square with your view. There is solid evidence that shows that background checks, child access prevention, mental-illness access prohibitions, and minimum age requirements help reduce incidents of violent crime, And with these policies in place our sacred Second Amendment would remain perfectly intact.

    The last thing Maine needs is another divisive, largely ignorant representative, who demonizes fellow Americans. Maine must do better.

    • Thomas Knight

      It was a pleasure to read your thoughtful and intelligent response.

    • Billd39

      Well said. I’m a vet and I gave my service so that our youngsters could be insulated from hate spewing morons like Gibson. Emma Gonzales is an example of the thoughtful and brave young adults who will be our nation’s future, and we should support her and those like her who speak their minds in the face of the plutocrats and hate mongers. My Respect, Emma and David Hogg.

      • Brad101

        I agree, Gibson is a moron… Those kids absolutely have the right to speak and protest, but I still don’t think that they are beyond criticism of their views. Being a victim doesn’t make you a firearms policy expert or constitutional scholar. They have views, they deserved to be listened to, but they also deserve to be challenged on the merits of their argument, just like anyone else. I see this all the time from both sides… Democrats: You can’t argue with her on the Iraq war, she’s a 9-11 widow or gold-star mother. Republicans: You can’t argue with him on the Iraq war, he’s a veteran. It is lazy and only designed to stifle legitimate debate.

        • Deep Steak

          Again. Shut your mouth. You are not making an important point, you fool.

        • roald

          They are not beyond criticism. They, and everyone else, should be beyond being attacked for things about them that have nothing to do with what they say.

    • Yankeeflyer

      As a veteran,a former NRA member,a hunter and summer resident of Belgrade,I wish I could run against Gibson. Conservative Republicans spew divisiveness and discourse in our country while espousing the virtues of God…..How hypocritical !

    • Brad101

      I suggest you bone up on what “well regulated” meant when the second amendment was written. I do not think it means what you think it means. And, BTW, I support background checks, preventing access by children and the mentally ill. Age restrictions, beyond adulthood (which is 18) I’m not so sure about. We could cut drunk driving deaths if we raised the drinking age to 30… If you can vote, get married, and buy a pack of cigarettes, you should be able to buy a rifle… unless you are otherwise disqualified (felony conviction, domestic violence, mentally unfit, etc). All those restrictions are already in place, but we have not been executing them effectively.

      • Roger Meyer

        Thanks, I have a modicum of understanding of what “well regulated” meant ( and I believe that my point holds, unless you can explain otherwise. If we think it is a wise idea to give 18 year olds access to assault rifles then we have it coming to us. Was it George Washington who fired musket shot into the head of one of his soldiers for fanning unrest in the ranks?
        I think so. The moral: lives are at stake and it’s time to work the problem together. Morons like Gibson and his ilk who spew NRA sanctioned divisiveness against fellow Americans, who only seek to live in a safe world, are perilously overplaying their hand.

      • Nancy Seeley

        How exciting … if I think I need the ultimate protection, perhaps I should be able to buy a Rocket launcher … oh, and for that extra modicum of safety on the highways…a Tank.

      • Deep Steak

        The age of adulthood is 21 as far as I’m concerned. 18 is high school age for many. Regardless, the logic of being able to buy an AR-15 because you can buy cigarettes is just plain weak.

    • Nancy Seeley

      Well said.

  • Helen

    Please anyone else run, the country will support you. How can you do this to the kids and all the tragic hell they went through

  • jimrussell

    Nothing new here, the intolerant Republican Party of hypocrisy has one of their prominent members caught spouting intolerance and ignorance on a regular basis. My god the former family values Party has ignored, excused, or over looked puss grabbing, porn star philandering, suspected pedophilia in Ala, to fiscal responsibility in creating a promised minimum $1.4T U S debt increase with their welfare for the rich at the expense of the middle class tax break scam. But tolerant smart American’s are rewarding Republicans with election loss after election loss.

    • Nancy Seeley

      My favorite Republican quote (in the South – what a surprise…) is that owning a gun is a God-given right. I have read the Bible, the Gospels…and nowhere do I recall God mentioning guns. That WAS my favorite idiot quote…until Leslie E. Gibson opened his mouth.

      • Dave Thompson

        They have a revised Pick’n’mix bible
        None of that Jesus shit

    • roald

      You obviously did not read the newest translation of the Old Testament, “And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD,
      to the house of the God of Jacob; and He will teach us of His ways, and
      we will walk in His paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and
      the word of the LORD
      from Jerusalem. And He shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke
      many people: and they shall beat their swords into AR-15s, and
      their spears into high capacity mags and bumps stocks: thugs shall not lift up Saturday Night Special against , law-abiding citizens, neither shall they walk with decent people.”

  • WindingVine

    Legitimate question: why does Maine have so many districts? You might be able to find someone to run if there were more than 9,000 people in the district. 151 districts for less than 2 million people? Seems like all the districts could occasionally be sparse of potential candidates.

    • Power10

      There are HUNDREDS of qualified people in this district who would be FAR BETTER than Gibson. Someone just has to stand up and RUN.

  • Biff Pantera

    This well-spoken young lady Emma scares the bejesus out of these repugs.

  • Power10

    Seriously, someone — there are plenty of people with better credentials — has to run against hater Leslie Gibson. She doesn’t represent Mainers.

    • Nancy Seeley

      I thought all the rednecks were in the Deep South…I stand corrected.

  • Paul Gardner

    LMAO…love this guy…about time someone took her down a peg…..she is nothing but a pawn of those who want to take our basic human rights, she doesn’t deserve any consideration

    • Aloha

      No, actually she is a survivor of a mass murder. I’m afraid it is you being the pawn Mr. Gardner.

      • Paul Gardner

        she was NEVER anywhere near where the shooting took place….she was not even in the same building. she heard no shots, saw no blood, she is just an attention whoring little thot wanting her 15 minutes

    • Oscar Wildling

      Access to food, water, shelter and emergency medical treatment are generally considered ‘basic human rights.’

      Access to assault weapons, not so much.

    • Earthling4

      Says the pawn of the GOP and their anti-American agenda.

      • Paul Gardner

        not a republican you stupid fuck, Im a libertarian, and the biggest tragedy of that day is that this skinhead dyke wasn’t killed

        • Earthling4

          No, you’re not a libertarian. You’re an a$$hole.

    • Lee Greenleaf

      Owning guns is NOT a “basic human right”. You are the pawn. Do you seriously not care that Americans are killing Americans so often these days. You are the terrorist Paul Gardner.

    • Carolyn Swartz

      Your gun ownership is not a “basic human right.” It is a right given to Americans in the second Constitutional Amendment, a very different time when there were no assault rifles. I’d say a more basic “human” right might be, uh, the right of a child to to school and not be killed by a hateful gun toting lunatic exerting what you see as his “human” right. And what does it mean for Emma Gonález not to “deserve any consideration”? Does anyone who disagrees with you not deserve consideration? Do you know this young woman? On what grounds do you call her a pawn? Should I call you a pawn of the NRA? I won’t. I will, however, suggest you look closely in the mirror, My guess is that you might find a few things about yourself you really don’t want to see.

      • Paul Gardner

        no you moron, it is a right given by god and protected by the constitution

    • Dave Thompson

      Look up “basic human rights”, you yokel

    • Deep Steak


    • roald

      Isn’t life a basic human right? Being able to own some guns under some circumstances is a constitutional right, not a human right.

  • Pamalah MacNeily

    come on locals. Someone get involved to beat Gibson.— sorry excuse for a candidate and cannot possibly represent Maine.

  • James McCarthy

    Superb comment to complement the jack@@@ in PA who exclaimed liberal hate god!! Hopefully someone steps up to crush this cockroach to protect Maine from such ugliness. I’ll donate to the Dem candidate.

    • roald

      Hope you did

  • Jim Pugh

    ► Shameful. Despicable. Not worthy to represent anyone, especially the good people of Maine. After showing his true colors, the appropriate action is to withdraw from the election. Lacking that personal fortitude, the Republican party – and the voting public – should pull their endorsement.

  • Brad101

    #1 The skinhead lesbian comment was inappropriate, we can hopefully all agree on that.
    What I don’t understand is what makes these kids beyond criticism of their political ideas? NOTHING. Does being a victim make them automatically right? They, and adults who are using them for political purposes, thrust themselves into the national spotlight knowingly. They are politicking, and therefore fair game for criticism ON THE ISSUES just like anyone else. There was an article in the Washington Examiner that said: In no other issue in society would we accept the ignorance seen in the gun debate. The author asked: Imagine if a pro-life pundit said “it’s easier to get an abortion than buy Sudafed” or a traffic reporter referred to a pickup truck as an “auto-style speedbox.” The first would be asked to do their homework before they reported and the latter would be laughed off the air. I agree with him on that. But somehow, these kids, and the adults who are pimping them to support their cause, don’t get that same level of scrutiny? I’m not scared of the well-spoken young lady, Emma. I’m scared of the ignorance and lack of informed debate on the issue of guns. That is because progressives are placing political objectives ahead of solving problems.

    • Oscar Wildling

      We can agree on that.

      And also, obviously, nothing makes anyone, no matter their age, ‘automatically right.’

      (Though, you know, a little patience and sensitivity to young people who just witnessed their peers being slaughtered wholesale might go a long way.)

      But, per your last sentence, progressives ARE trying to solve problems.

      Perhaps we don’t all agree on the solutions, or heck, in this risible day and age, what the problems even are, but ‘ignorance and lack of informed debate’ is itself, totally debatable.

    • rosy123

      What would you call her? So sick of people calling her a role model…. I don’t want my daughter to be a lesbian and shave her head….

      • roald

        Why did he have to call her anything other than Emma Gonzalez?

    • Patricia Fogg

      Let’s get the facts correct please. Every time progressives request an informed debate on the issue of gun violence and “common sense” regulations regarding such, they are met with silence or rejection by the NRA and their supporters. This has been the case for at least a decade. Let me counter the accusation from this agency and people. NO ONE wants to take away your guns!! This is and has been the excuse used forever. What a crying shame! And while we’re at it let’s read and fully understand the 2nd amendment which is a problem further exacerbating this dilemma. The ones screaming the loudest haven’t even read it. Gun ownership in this country exceeds that in any other country, excluding 3rd world countries, and we have the greatest number of violent gun deaths. Surely nothing to be proud of. One wonders, just how many deaths will happen before this changes. The NRA says, the only thing that can stop a man with a gun is a man with a bigger gun. Now that really makes sense doesn’t it?

      • Brad101

        Maybe that is because “common sense” is just a progressive dog whistle for “banning guns”. At least now they are being honest about it. A semi-auto ban would ban most guns sold today, especially if you considered them by % of the market. There will never be even an honest discussion on guns without some mutual respect… of which, calling us terrorists who support the murder of children is not a way to start that discussion. Also, over the years democratic anti-gun groups have spread too much false info/propaganda that it is hard to even have a legit discussion on the legality of a 30 caliber ghost gun (as he holds up a .223 cal AR15) that can disperse a 30 magazine-clip in 1/2 a second. Note: I am all for an outright ban on all .30 cal ghost guns that can fire a 30 magazine clip in 1/2 second.

        • James McCarthy

          Take a breath and cease advocating your ideology while attempting to rationalize indecent criticism by Gibson. BTW, false propaganda is not exclusive to “democratic” groups. And as for pimping, the NRA is a master in favor of the gun industry.

    • Deep Steak

      Can you please stop with the pathetic devil’s advocate argument?
      Also, fuck off. You’re just being an asshole. In the future, you may not want to form your opinion on some garbage from the Examiner.

    • James McCarthy

      No, being a victim does not involve right or wrong. Just common decency and sense in criticizing a victim. And this is true no matter the cultural or political issue. In addition, it’s one thing to critique an idea another to criticize an advocate with name calling.

  • SAM

    C’mon MAINE! You are the sane State. The ones who elect Independents and have Republicans who realize that having health insurance is not so bad. Someone in Sabattus has gotta run against this guy.

    • Nancy Seeley

      My cat could run against him and be more worthwhile to humanity, no matter what their political leaning, or how many assault rifles they need to “protect themselves” in their “Militia”.

  • Leonidas Gilding

    Fair Game Call on this one, as a closeted homosexual he is a good target for some tearoom entrapment.

  • David Olson

    This is unacceptable behavior from an adult, much less one who wishes to represent the views and needs of his constituency. This man, and I use the term in it’s biological sense only, needs to withdraw from the race and apologize to those he impugned. Leslie Gibson is a shameful excuse for man, a candidate, and a Mainer.

    • Nancy Seeley

      You are exactly correct. The people I know from Maine are IN NO WAY like this man who is passing for a human being.

  • Nancy Seeley

    This Leslie E. Gibson is such a chicken…that he closed his Twitter and email account down. Surely there is SOMEONE in Maine who can run against him and be worth more to humanity than him.

  • Barinder Singh Ahluwalia

    Leslie Gibson; Emma Gonzales is much more intelligent than you bloke; she should be in the State House instead of you.

  • Julie Lynn Collins

    What a repulsive, slimy coward this Leslie Gibson is. To the good people of Maine: Here in Missouri, we feel your pain. Remember…we had Todd Akin.

  • Pam Peterson

    This reminds me of trump saying McCain isn’t a hero because he was captured (bone spurs my ass) now this girl (beautiful child that she is) is a (names he called her) because she wasn’t in the line of fire!! How can you say such hateful things about this girl?

  • harleygrl

    What a DISGUSTING excuse for a human being. YOU, a supposedly “responsible” adult, are going to resort to name-calling with a child who has survived a traumatic shooting?!?
    My GOD, what is the matter with you?!?
    Sir, Emma Gonzalez has more COURAGE than you will EVER have, and you just proved who you really are, by your reprehensible behavior.

  • Dave Thompson

    If we’re playing the appearances game, Gibson has the nose of a wino