State presents widening plans for Locust and Lincoln intersection


LEWISTON — A plan to widen the intersection of Locust and Lincoln streets to make it  safer and easier for big trucks to navigate gets a public review on May 20.

Officials from the city and the Maine Department of Transportation will be on hand at 6 p.m. May 20 in City Hall to present details of the plan and answer questions about the work. Project Manager Richard Burnham said the work is expected to begin this fall, wrapping up sometime in next spring.

The project  consists of adding turning lanes onto and off of Locust Street, widening the mouth of the road where it meets Lincoln Street. On the northeast side of Lincoln Street, crews will add a turning lane for Locust Street traffic hoping to turn right onto Lincoln Street. On  the southeast side, crews will build a turning lane for northbound Lincoln Street traffic hoping to right onto Locust Street.

The project will also add a left turn lane for southbound Lincoln Street traffic turning onto Locust.

“This work will do a lot for the geometry and the general safety of that intersection,” Burnham said. “It’s been an dangerous intersection, especially for big trucks.”

Burnham said work on the southeastern side of the intersection would require the city taking over private land and a building at 296 Lincoln St.

“The main reason for doing that is to give the truck traffic decent site distance,” Burnham said. “It’s not very good there now, for traffic trying to turn off of Locust onto Lincoln.”

According to the city, plans for the proposed project should be available for public viewing Thursday in his office at 103 Adams Ave.

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