State runners-up and
first small school division


The Monmouth Academy Decathlon Team, coached by Cathy Foyt, Scott Foyt, and Elizabeth Garrett competed in the State Academic Decathlon Championship at Deering High School on March 4th.

Seventeen schools and 250 students participated in this event. Monmouth finished as the State of Maine Runner-up Team and Champion in the small school division (schools with under 650 students.) By finishing as the first place small school, Monmouth will compete nationally, with computers on line, April 27 and 28, against the other small school winners from each state in the United States.

The top five schools in this year’s State Academic Decathlon Championship were the following:

1st Scarborough High School

2nd Monmouth Academy (1st small school division)

3rd Hall-Dale High School

4th Calais High School

5th Bangor High School

In the past nine years, the Monmouth Academic Decathlon Team has placed as either State Champion or State Runners-Up. Three times in the past nine years, the Monmouth Team has represented the State of Maine in the National Academic Decathlon Championships: (1999 California 5th, 2002 Arizona 7th, and 2004 Idaho 5th.)

Academic Decathlon is comprised of A, B, and C students who study together as a team for a year and then compete in ten (decathlon) different categories: math, economics, science, literature, music, art, essay, speech, interview, and super quiz (super quiz changes yearly, for example, this year it was the history of the Renaissance and next year it will be climatology.)

The following students participated for Monmouth and won the following medals: Alternate Team Members – Amber Sager, Brittany Hilton, Megan Buckley, Louie Masi (bronze medal – art), Emily Masi (silver medal -economics), Brittany Rogers (silver medal – art), and Becca Irwin (gold medal – art, silver medal – essay.)

Competition Team Members – Scott Turcott (3rd highest scorer in the state – 3rd highest A student – high Monmouth scorer – 2nd place team trophy – silver medal – interview), Sami Fairchild (2nd place team trophy), Kayla Duquette (2nd place team trophy), Laura Manduca (gold medal – music, silver medal – speech, bronze medal – math, 2nd place team trophy), Moe Beaulieu (bronze medal – art, 2nd place team trophy), Danielle West (2nd place team trophy), Dustin Watson (silver medal – art, silver medal – essay, bronze medal – speech, 3rd highest varsity student, 2nd place team trophy), Max Grover (2nd place team trophy), Chris Eldridge ( gold medal – speech, gold medal – interview, 2nd place team trophy.)