It’s ‘stay the course’ again


As a general rule, I refrain from trying to advise our federal government on international policy from my vantage point in Lewiston, assuming that the president has better information than I do. But now that he has ignored the bipartisan Iraq Study Group, which recommended we begin the phased redeployment of American troops and end our open-ended involvement in Iraq, I feel compelled to speak up.

President Bush’s escalation plan is nothing but “stay the course” with more troops.

Similar plans have failed over and over. Bush’s plan is opposed by top military leaders, the Iraq Study Group, foreign policy experts, and the American people.

I hope that Congress will continue to exercise its constitutional authority to hold the president accountable for a change of course that allows for our troops to come home. And I hope that other citizens will speak up to keep the pressure on both Congress and the president.

Karen Lane, Lewiston