Steven Gamache wins pro boxing debut


SOMERSWORTH, N.H.— It was supposed to be Junior Middleweight four-round fight, but Steven Gamache, who weighed in at 154 pounds, wouldn’t let his pro boxing debut go the distance when he dropped Patrick Bozeman with a second-round knockout punch at Tri-City Christian Academy on Saturday night.

“He did a good job,” said Joey Gamache, who has been training his son at Mendez Boxing Gym in New York City. “I am proud of him. He has cleaned up his life and got his degree. I feel like I owe him like my father did for me.

“The guy (Bozeman, 0-4) wasn’t an easy guy to dance with. He is a southpaw. The guy tried to survive. The kid had heart. He got knocked down three times.”

The fight was moved to the Granite State when Joe Gamache Sr. discovered that Maine banned prizefighting after the Maine Athletic Commission was eliminated by the state legislature in 2007 for cost saving measures.

The Gamaches plan on lobbying for the return of boxing in January when the state legislature convenes. In the meantime, Joey Gamache plans scheduling Steven’s next fight in New York City in September or October.