Still no sympathy for fired jail guard


We can’t predict how a judge will eventually rule on the appeal of a jail guard fired in December by Androscoggin County Sheriff Guy Desjardins, but we still feel corrections officer Patrick Gorham richly deserved to lose his job.

A hearing on the appeal began Tuesday before Justice Thomas Delahanty II in Androscoggin County Superior Court.

The appeal rests on procedural and jurisdictional issues, and Gorham is apparently not contesting the events that led to his firing. His actions were, after all, plainly recorded by the jail’s video system.

In one incident, Gorham and several other corrections officers bound a fellow worker to a chair using duct tape, wheeled him into an elevator and sent him to another floor.

The instigator of that prank, a sergeant, did the right thing by resigning.

In another incident, Gorham choked a fellow officer, who apparently consented to being throttled. Video of that incident later showed the officer feeling ill and disoriented.

Either incident would be cause for dismissal in any workplace.

We would argue, however, that the severe punishment is even more important in this case because of the power and authority corrections officers hold over the people in their custody.

Gorham’s actions plainly showed he was unsuited for the responsibilities of the job.

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