Stop the name-calling


Republicans, Democrats, independents, rich, poor, conservatives, liberals, fat cats, low-income, middle-income, gays, straights, patriotic, not patriotic enough — and so on and on it goes.

We are all Americans. Stop the name-calling. Bring back some civility. Stay positive and be nicer to one another.

We all love our flag and a lot of our men and women have died defending it.

Stop acting immature and silly. We, the people who vote, are getting tired of the same thing every election cycle. Whether you like the president’s policies or not, respect him, the man. The job might just be harder than it looks (you think?).

We teach our children to respect their parents, their teachers, their elders; then we see people out there screaming, shouting and spitting on other people. What a good example we are setting.

Grow up! Stop labeling people who may not agree with you or your ideas.


How do you think our brave men and women overseas feel about the way we act over here at election time when they are over there fighting to keep us free and safe?

Appreciate it.

Everyone does not have to agree with you all the time. So what! Keep it civil and respectful. Stop being so angry.

It’s getting really old, every election year.

Barb Bryant, Lisbon Falls