The stranger


One day as Lissa was walking home a car pulled up beside her. There was a man in the car and he asked if she wanted a ride home. Since it was a long walk home Lissa agreed and taught he was really nice. They talked for a bit then Lissa showed him the way to her house and he dropped her off. This went on for a couple of weeks. The man learned that Lssa’s parents don’t get home until six and that she was an only child and many more things. Well one day after the man picked Lissa up he didn’t bring Lissa to her house, he brought her to his house.

When Lissa’s parents came home and couldn’t find her they called the police. Lissa never told them about the man and so the cops never found him. No one knows what happened to Lissa that day, she was never seen again.

So you see, never talk to strangers no matter how nice they seem!