Looking Back


Mount Carmel, Pa. – The first serious condition in the anthracite coal regions since mining was suspended on April 1st, occurred here today between a mob of idle mine workers and a platoon of the new state constabulary force and resulted in the injuring of probably 20 men, three of whom probably fatal.

The disturbance was caused by an attack on a detail of the state police by several hundred foreigners, who became incensed at the presence of the constables. They threw stones at the policemen and otherwise endangered their lives to such an extent that they were forced to fire on the crowd which had swelled into thousands. The riot caused the greatest excitement in the many mining villages of the southern coal fields, but tonight the affected territory is comparatively quiet.

50 Years Ago, 1956

Tisket-a-tasket, what happened to the May basket?

Today’s the day to hang May baskets, crown the queen of the May and pick up a bright colored ribbon and go dancing around the May pole.

The last two customs have been gathering dust in the Merrie Olde Twin Cities for years and it looks now as thought the blase youngsters of today are giving up hanging May baskets for their best girls.

According to custom, small baskets of candy or flowers are hung, the doorbell is run, and the child who left the basket runs away. If he doesn’t run fast enough, he is subject to the “penalty” of being caught and kissed.

25 Years Ago, 1981

McDonald’s plan to put a mobile hamburger stand in Bar Harbor would spoil the scenic flavor of the coastal Maine town, complain the residents and shopkeepers who are up in arms over the proposal.

Several businessmen have displayed signs in shop windows showing the restaurant’s logo – the twin golden arches – in a red circle and crossed out by a red diagonal line.

A leader of the opponents, Steve Holbert, said, “If (tourists) come in and see the golden arches, I think they’ll lose their appetite for Bar Harbor.