Looking back


Petitions are circulating in Auburn addressed to the city government to have the cemeteries in the city come under the control of municipal authority. The matter has been agitated more or less in years past and only the other morning The Sun had a letter from Hon. George C. Wing favoring the idea.

“The undersigned citizens of Auburn respectively request that you will take necessary action to have the city own, control and manage the cemeteries within the city limits, or at least, those of any considerable size, and make arrangements so that perpetual care of graves may be provided by the city, on such terms and under such restrictions as may be deemed suitable and proper.”

50 Years Ago, 1956

It has seemed a long time to anxious anglers but they are happy now because the ice is finally out at Lake Auburn.

Warmer weather and a few rainy days helped considerably to soften the ice.

Saturday morning most of the south shore of the lake was clear of ice, according to the attendant at the Auburn Water District pumping station. The broken ice drifted throughout the day and by Saturday night the lake was almost entirely clear.

Among the first to wet a line in the ice-free lake were Austin Glover and Leon Witham. Auger’s Landing was a lucky spot for them. Glover hooked a four-pound trout and Witham landed a six-pound salmon.

25 Years Ago, 1981

Possibly more American than baseball – and an essential part of Mom’s homemade apple pie – is ice cream. Not the fluffed-up air that flows of an aluminum tube, but the kind of ice cream that has to be sculpted with a scoop to form a solid sphere.

One local firm that seems to have come up with a formula that pleases the experts is Cote’s All Star Dairy. The dairy began making ice cream three years ago, after having considered the move for quite a while. What started as a way to use the excess cream from the dairy has turned into a profit-making part of the whole company.