Looking Back


In these progressive days no profession open to women is held in higher esteem than that of trained nurses. The Central Maine General Hospital graduates trained nurses from year to year. Their services are always in great demand and it often happens that it is almost impossible to engage a nurse in private practice.

The twentieth-century doctor considers the graduate nurse as necessary in any serious sickness as the patient considers the physician himself. The great strides medicine has made in saving life owe not a little to her skilled assistance.

50 Years Ago, 1956

• Sabattus Lake was free from ice Thursday. For the past week a large mass of ice has shifted with the winds. It disappeared early Thursday morning. A record kept by a local couple since 1912 shows that the earliest the ice left was March 25, 1953 and the latest date was May 4, 1939.

• Police in both cities warned last night that all vehicles must have a new State inspection sticker before the first of May, four days away.

Many cars still are displaying the old stickers, authorities said, and this may mean a last-minute rush to inspection stations.

25 Years Ago, 1981

The first active hot air collector solar system is being installed in this town on the Buckfield General Store.

The designers and installers of the system are Bob Lipham and George Doughty, proprietors of the Back Forty in Buckfield, which specializes in alternate energy.

It is anticipated that the solar heat collector on the Buckfield General Store will save owner Gene Coffman about 740 gallons of fuel oil in the course of a year.

The output of heat from each square foot of the collector should average 200,000 BTU’s per year. One gallon of fuel oil will give 100,000 BTU’s of heat. In other words, the solar heat collected from each square foot of the solar collector in a year’s time should equal the heat obtained by burning two gallons of fuel oil.