Looking Back


Lake Auburn and Sabattus Pond are all free of ice and fishermen are happy. The ice has now gone all out of the lake, the high wind having done much to hasten it.

The first performance of the famous old Gilbert and Sullivan opera “The Pirates of Penzance,” which has been awaited with deep interest by the local public for several weeks, was given before a crowded house, and with great enthusiasm at the Empire theatre last evening.

50 Years Ago, 1956

Starting next fall term, all pupils who live outside the city of Auburn but who wish to attend Auburn schools in grade nine, will attend Walton Junior High School. Prin. Wayne S. Porter has indicated he will register prospective students at any time during regular school hours prior to May 15. Pupils intending to enter Auburn schools from surrounding communities are urged to register early and assure themselves of a place for the ensuring year. Most tuition paying pupils have attended Webster Junior High School for their ninth grade program. Now Webster has become crowded. A decision was necessary either to re-district the city between the two junior high schools or to shift the load of tuition pupils. The latter alternative was accepted by the school committee.

25 Years Ago, 1981

Mobil and Exxon oil companies paraded scores of witnesses before the board of Environmental Protection in an effort to assure the Board that exploratory drilling on Georges Bank won’t hurt Maine. But at least marine biologist, Jerry Topinka of Bigelow Laboratory in Boothbay Harbor, said after listening to several hours of testimony that the oil companies hadn’t adequately responded to his concerns. Topinka, hired by the Natural Resources Council of Maine, said he was worried about potential damage to marine life from mud discharges during the drilling and about potential oil spills.