Looking Back


Lewiston and Auburn Hebrews in common with their brethren all over the world began the observance of the fatal season of Passover, the period during which the Hebrews commemorate the deliverance of their forefathers from the bondage of Egypt. The festival of the Passover continues for eight days but it is only during the first two days that the Hebrews devote themselves most closely to the various observances that characterize the festival. The special services for Lewiston and Auburn Hebrews take place in the Jewish Synagogue in New Auburn. Those held thus far have been marked by large attendances.

50 Years Ago, 1956

Pickets by the thousands ringed the fabulous Macy department store in mid-Manhattan today in a strike called by a union representing most of the store’s 8,000 employes.

Business, however, went on more or less as usual. Nonunion and supervisory employes manned the counters – albeit a bit awkwardly in some cases.

The giant Macy’s is a 12-floor institution occupying what would be two ordinary city blocks. It sells everything from hardware to perfume and many days takes in more than a million dollars.

Union demands included increased pay, shorter working hours, a pension plan and other benefits. Macy’s said average weekly pay of its employes is $64 but the union maintained it was lower.

25 Years Ago, 1981

• Columbia, the hope of America’s future in space, was grounded Friday for at least two days while specialists sought to determine what caused a computer to fail in the crucial, final count to liftoff on the space shuttle’s trial flight.

• Age 65 for full retirement has been in effect ever since the federal Social Security System was established by Congress in 1935. Through the years there have been tremendous strides in medical science and health care, as well as in nutrition and related fields. As a result, it is reasonable for Congress to consider raising the full retirement age to 68.