Looking back


Great was the success of the fool’s carnival held in Auburn Hall Saturday evening by Dana’s Orchestra, the number of young people of the two cities present being large, over 300 tickets were sold. Over thirty couples were in costume and went onto the grand march.

The first prize for the ladies was won by Mrs. Ruel Conant. Mrs. Conant was dressed in a beautiful gown of violets and the prize was a set of jeweled combs. To Miss Russ went the second prize, a brush. Her costume was a pretty one and was called “Starlight.” Forest Mason of Mechanic Falls in a clown’s dress won the first prize for the men. The prize was a pair of military brushes. Ralph Mason with his costume of a page too the second prize which was a leather collar and cuff box.

50 Years Ago, 1956

Shoes will make news in this year’s Easter parade and the news will be color.

This spring you won’t buy a pair of shoes to go with your suit or coat. Instead you will use them as a carefully planned color accent, perhaps coordinated with your handbag or hat.

The trend toward more color in footwear has been on the way for several seasons, and has arrived with a bang this spring. The colors aren’t just clear, simple primary colors either. They have grown more subtle and sophisticated.

Contrasts of texture also are used in the shoe itself. A dressy pump that’s new this season has a toe of lustered bronze calf and a heel in taupe brown suede.

25 Years Ago, 1981

Maine’s fishing season opens Wednesday and state biologist predict Mother Nature will be helping anglers with unseasonably warm weather.

Paul Fournier, a spokesman for the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department, said Tuesday the recent warm temperatures should allow fishermen to bring in trout and bass two to four weeks earlier than usual this year.

All streams and ponds south of Bangor are ice-free and many south of Skowhegan are open for fishing, he said.