Looking Back


• There is a depth of 20 inches more in Sebago lake now than in March last year. It is believed that the spring rains and the melting of the large body of snow will cause a further increase of depth, and that the summer steamer will this year have no difficulty in making its connections with Bridgton and Harrison, which had to be omitted from last summer’s schedule on account of low water.

• Lobsters are now probably as high as they will be this year, the price paid being in the neighborhood of 30 cents a pound. The price, however, has not gone so high as it did a year ago, nor is it expected to, because weather conditions have been better.

50 Years Ago, 1956

There are fewer regulations to pester a fisherman this year, even if there won’t be much open water to fish in as the season opens statewide Sunday. Oh, there are still restrictions, but the number has been cut down in a successful attempt to make it easier for a sportsman to keep within the law, and still enjoy his fishing. April 1 is the statewide opening date (the Moose River is no exception). Best of all, there’s no longer room for argument as to whether a lake or pond is “free” of ice or not. Open water which is “naturally free of ice” can be fished, even if other parts of the lake or pond are ice locked.

25 Years Ago, 1981

• President Reagan was wounded in the chest Monday by a gunman who tried to assassinate him with a burst of .22-caliber bullets from a “Saturday night special.” White House press secretary James S. Brady was critically injured in the blaze of gunfire.

Reagan “sailed through surgery” according to doctors who said he’d be ready to make presidential decisions by Tuesday.

• Vice President George Bush took up his post as the administration’s crisis manager late Monday and assured the nation “and a watching world that the American government is functioning fully and effectively” following the shooting of President Reagan.