Student results in on drug survey


JAY – A survey taken by students during the past two school years indicates that a majority of high school students believe there’s a significant substance abuse problem among students.

However, the percentage of students indicating there was a problem with drugs and alcohol among their peers dropped from 66 percent in the June 2005 survey to 61 percent in the survey taken in December. The results were issued this year.

The surveys given to students and educators from grades two to 12 cover many topics. Questions targeting younger children differ from those given to older children.

About 75 percent of middle school students indicate they believe students at their level don’t have a significant problem with drugs and alcohol. Of those who do, the number rose from 24 percent last year to 25 percent this year.

Educators who took the survey in 2004-05 sided with students at each level indicating similar results.

School leaders and police met with high school parents and others last week to discuss student drug and alcohol use as a starting point to find ways to curb the problem and change the culture of use.

School officials scheduled a district-wide public meeting to brainstorm ideas for solutions for 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday, May 26, at Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington.

The survey also indicates that 47 percent of high school students like going to school while 52 percent don’t. Last year’s survey showed that only 41 percent liked going to school and 58 percent didn’t like going.

For middle school students, that number was higher at 72 percent who liked to go to school and it showed a large jump from the 56 percent last year that indicated they liked going to school.

Ninety-two percent of students in the elementary school survey indicated they liked coming to school with 8 percent disagreeing. That percentage is up from the previous year’s 86 percent.

The majority of students at all levels feel safe in school.

At the high school, 91 percent of students agreed that the school provides students and teachers with a safe environment for learning. That number is up from 82 percent in last year’s survey.

Ninety-five percent of the middle school students believe that their school provides a safe environment for learning. That number is also up from last year’s 89 percent.

Of younger children, 95 percent feel safe in school, the same as previously.

That percentage dips when when it comes to the youngsters feeling safe on the school grounds with 83 percent saying they felt safe on the grounds this year, down from last year’s 87 percent.