Students create still-life sketches


OXFORD — Boxberry students have been busy this year creating a multitude of artwork. Students have worked with several different mediums while studying ancient civilizations.

Some of the mediums they experimented with were plaster and chalk pastels, encaustics (hot wax painting), mural paintings, wool-felting and basket-making.

In the art classes, the students have also worked on learning about Pointillism and famous painters, such as George Seurat, founder of neo-impressionism during the late 19th century.

Recently, Boxberry students have started to learn about still-life painting. They have observed many still-lifes set up in the classroom and have focused on drawing these and specific objects using pencil, charcoal, cray-pas and collage materials. This has all been preparation for a project that they will soon begin using watercolor technique and will showcase at Cafe Nomad on Main Street in Norway during April.

All are welcome to stop in the cafe to check out their artwork or visit the school Web site for other pictures of student artwork and academics.

The school will also host an open house from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, May 8. For more information about the Boxberry School, interested families should call 743-9700 or visit