Students get instructions in playing golf at Mexico country club


MEXICO — The week before Oakdale Country Club closed for the season, seven students from Pennacook Learning Center were given the opportunity to visit the club, 13 Country Club Road.

Oakdale volunteered to sponsor an event for the school and facilitate instructions on the basics of golf. Clubs were also provided by Oakdale.

Adam Williamson, manager and golf professional for close to 10 years, taught the students the fundamentals of the sport. He showed the students how to hold clubs properly, tee off, how to apply the numbers on the clubs and how to score a game. Students were able to apply what they had learned out on the course.

The students were overjoyed to participate in the event. One student exclaimed, “I’d never played a real game of golf before. I didn’t do too well, but it was a lot of fun.” A few of the students asked how soon they could return.