Students to learn to lead healthy lifestyles


JAY — High school students will hear from a variety of speakers on Friday, April 9, on ways to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Principal Gilbert Eaton told the School Committee on Thursday that a planning team has put a lot of work into organizing Wellness Day. It is intended to give students timely information about a variety of topics that affect life for high school students, he said.

The day has been structured to provide interactive sessions in the morning and activities in the afternoon.

Letters are being sent home to parents explaining the day’s events and encouraging them to make sure their children attend, learn and participate. Senior privileges will not apply on this day.

Barret Wilkinson from the Center for Hate Violence Prevention will emphasize tolerance for student differences and diversity. He will discuss cyber-bullying so students will know how to recognize and react appropriately to this troubling Internet behavior, Eaton said.

It is a problem that is occurring across the country, he said, and he does spend some time addressing it at Jay High School.

During the morning hours, students will go through six sessions, each 25 minutes long.

Speakers will address healthy relationships, anxiety and depression, suicide awareness and prevention, addiction, self injury and teen pregnancy.

The afternoon activity sessions to choose from are Zumba, body combat, finance for teens, global positioning system mapping skills, intramural activity, climbing wall, weightlifting, and nutrition for performance. There is also the Get a Life Game, an interactive activity to assist in decision-making for college and career choices. Jeopardy Game is also a choice and it will test students’ college knowledge in the game format.

The final presenter will be keynote speaker, Randy Judkins, Eaton said.

His popular presentation, Full Esteem Ahead, focuses on developing skills, support systems, and having positive attitudes, he said.

According to Judkins’ Web site, the presentation is “a proven self-image booster. A nudge, a shot in the arm, a spark — all describe the renewed or newly discovered sense of invigoration, motivation, and purpose his audiences take with them. Getting ‘on track’ begins with realizing that every individual is born with an enormous potential to achieve and Randy has a special knack for putting his audiences on a first-class self-esteem roll.”

In Eaton’s letter to parents he said there is simply too much misinformation or lack of information about the topics that will be discussed.

“We deal all too often with the unfortunate consequences of student choices surrounding these topics,” he said.

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