Students notified of shifts at schools


POLAND — Mechanic Falls, Minot and Poland students Wednesday brought home announcements that school administrators in the three towns would be shifted in response to the RSU 16 School Committee’s decision that the district have a single middle school.

Ayesha Farag-Davis, principal of Poland Community School and Whittier Middle School, will become full-time principal of Whittier Middle School only. The consolidation of middle-schoolers will about double the student count at Whittier when seventh- and eighth-graders from Mechanic Falls and Minot attend the Poland school this fall.

Margaret Pitts, principal of Minot Consolidated School, will take over as principal of Poland Community School.

Mary Martin, principal of Elm Street School in Mechanic Falls, will assume the principal’s position at Minot and continue as principal at Elm Street.

Arthur Reed, assistant principal to Martin, will continue as Martin’s assistant at both schools.

Shawn Vincent, assistant principal at Poland Community and Whittier Middle schools, will continue to serve as assistant principal at both schools.

“We have an amazing administrative team in the district,” Superintendent Dennis Duquette said. “This will help balance our assets. It’s a positive change, great for our communities, great for our administrators.”

Duquette said the School Committee was “surprised and excited” when it learned of the administrative restructuring Monday night. Members were asked that the news be kept quiet so staff and students at the three elementary schools could hear of it directly from their principals.

“The new building principals will meet with their new staffs next week,” Duquette said. “We are working on when they’ll meet with parents.”