Student’s perspective: Alexis Casey


Hello everyone! My name is Lexi Casey and I am a senior at St. Dom’s. I would like to share with you some information about St. Dom’s from my point of view, and give you some insight on my high school experience. My time here at Saint Dominic Academy has been very special, all thanks to the religious experience, helpful staff, and close-knit community.

Entering St. Dom’s was like walking into a room with no power. I knew only one student, no teachers, and had no idea what I was getting myself into. But that all changed very quickly. The first day of my freshman year held a Catholic mass at which I was completely lost and confused. Although most of my family is Catholic, I had gone to public school prior to high school where religion was unable to be spoken of.

On the second day, the upperclassmen joined us in our second mass of the year. I was utterly awestruck. From the beautiful voice of the song cantor, Molly Finn, whom everyone sang along with, to the students reading and participating happily in the service, it was something I had never seen before. During that mass is when I decided I wanted to become a Catholic, and share in what so many others were already a part of.

My ninth grade religion teacher was eager to help me with this desire, and before I knew it, Sister Elizabeth, from the Auburn Catholic community, another St. Dom’s student, Aaron Schmitz, myself, and a few others were joining together every Wednesday night to share stories with one another, and learn more about the Catholic faith.

On May 23rd, I experienced my baptism, and celebrated my birthday into the Catholic Church. Since then, I have been able to join in at mass, and be a part of the peaceful and humble experience of worshiping God with my fellow classmates and peers. But, at St. Dom’s, no matter where you are in your faith journey, you will feel welcomed.

As I previously mentioned, from grades K-8 I attended public schools outside the Lewiston-Auburn area. Although my time at these schools was memorable, in no way could it compare to St. Dom’s. The biggest difference St. Dom’s has made for me is the challenging academic courses.

Each and every single teacher at Saint Dominic Academy is truly amazing, always there to lend a hand, challenge their students, and put a smile on our faces. Those teachers brought me from a struggling freshman, to a hard-working senior currently ranked 18th in my class. Teachers like the ones (at St. Dom’s) are something that makes a high school successful, and provides an excellent education. St. Dom’s is the place to be if you’re looking for a challenge, and a highly successful future.

Another aspect of St. Dom’s that makes it a unique, enjoyable environment is our close-knit family. “Family” is a word that our principal, Mr. Fournier, frequently uses to describe us. It’s pretty comforting when you can walk down the hallway and recognize each person’s face, and know their names. From the seventh graders, to the seniors, not one person here is a number, or just another student. Each of us is cared for by our teachers, and we care for one another. Yes, there are the close groups of friends, just like at every other school, but here, I could sit at any lunch table, and feel comfortable, and be able to have a conversation.

The students at Saint Dominic Academy enjoy learning. We enjoy helping one another, competing with one another, and just being able to share our high school experience with each other. The students here are remarkable. We are all athletes, scholars, friends, happy, and glad that when we were in the position you are in now, we chose St. Dom’s.

The three words that describe our “family” are: Integrity, Community, and Excellence: the motto of our school. Interpreted in many ways, ICE essentially means that our school is exceptional. This is your chance to become a person of integrity, to be part of a community that will know you for who you are, and to do everything you put your name on with excellence.

Saint Dominic Academy has given me new ways to think about the world around me. It has taught me what it means to be mature, to be a responsible member of the human family, and has given me an experience of overall happiness. It has also helped me become a lot closer to my goal of beating my dad in a game of jeopardy! I have gained many lessons here that will remain with me and guide me through the rest of my life. And, because of St. Dom’s, I feel ready to enter college and the world next fall, and to become a successful part of society.

Although I could go on for a while, I now encourage you to come and see for yourself what it means to be a member of our school. By coming to St. Dom’s, you too can experience the sense of family that exists here. If I can leave you with one bit of advice, think about attending a school next fall that will truly prepare you for the future. You will keep your current friends, even though they may be heading to different schools, while gaining many new ones.

As I stated earlier, I came to St. Dom’s knowing only one other person, but am leaving with a whole new group of friends that I will cherish for a lifetime. Coming to St. Dom’s will be the best gift your parents can provide you with and a great decision on your part. So come join our family!