Students react to alcohol sensor at prom


LEWISTON – Reaction to word that an alcohol sensor will be used at their prom drew both praise and criticism from Lewiston High School students.

Katelyn Ouellette, 17, questioned whether the sensor would be effective.

“Kids are always going to drink at the prom,” Ouellette said. “If they don’t drink before, they’re going to drink after. There’s no way of stopping it.”

She did predict that the sensor would cut down on early-evening drinking. Students “stupid enough to go to the prom drunk, then they should be suspended,” she said.

Josh Rivet, 18, saw good and bad points.

He understands the issue is safety, but “we’re supposed to have fun,” he said. The idea of an alcohol detector at the prom puts a chill on the event, he said. It’s too strict.

Rivet added that last year, several kids were caught with alcohol in their cars.

Kaitlyn Letourneau, 17, thinks use of the sensor is a good thing.

“I can see why it would upset some people and cause a damper, but I’m not into the whole partying, drinking scene,” Letourneau said. “I don’t have a problem with it. It doesn’t affect me.”

– Bonnie Washuk