Students to showcase work, projects


JAY — The Jay Middle School staff and students will present “Show What You Know Night” on Thursday, June 2, at the middle school.

The event will run from 6 to 8 p.m. and give parents and community members an opportunity to visit the school and find out what has been going on throughout the year and to see the work of students.

Among the programs and projects to be highlighted is the new wind turbine that was erected Thursday near the soccer field behind the school.

A joint project by educators and students, the turbine was purchased with a $19,000 grant. It will be used in classroom applications and provide some electricity to the school.

Another project to be featured is the geodesic dome greenhouse that teachers, students and community members built last year, also with the help of grant money.

There will also be an opportunity for parents to see programs that could help their students learn. Those programs include an online math program that will provide individualized learning for students and reading strategies.

Students’ work will include Lego robot demonstrations; an agricultural, composting and recycling project; and an invention convention.

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