Students win poster contest


PARIS – Three high school students have won a professional poster contest, and their posters will be displayed throughout the community to announce the annual summer Sebago-Long Lake Music Festival.

“It’s a way for the kids to do real work,” said graphic art instructor Virgina Valdes before showing the three winning posters, which differ in style, color and theme. “And it’s a way for the community to access this service” at the school’s graphic art program.

The students also work harder on their assignments when they know they’re going to achieve publicity for their work, Valdes added.

Festival organizers approached Valdes’ Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School class because they wanted the posters to have a youthful feel, which they hoped would attract more young people to the classical music performances, Valdes said.

Bryan Lackee, a senior who lives in Paris, won $150 for his first-place sign, which has an olive green background and a relaxed illustration of a large cello on the right.

“I looked at different design principals,” he said, sitting in the graphic design department at the high school Monday. “And I made something to catch somebody’s eye, and to get the information easily across. I knew a lot of old people would be reading this.”

Valdes said the jury panel liked Lackee’s poster because it was legible from a distance and that the attention was given to the right things, like concert dates. Also, the poster reflects the rural and folksy, but still classy, Deertrees Theatre in Harrison where the festival will be held.

Lackee’s poster will be the primary poster used to advertise the concert series, which runs from July 11 to Aug. 1, and it will also adorn the series’ booklet.

Lackee said he hopes to continue studying graphic design next year at college, but is not sure yet where that will be.

The second-place student was junior Angela Lyons, who won $75, and the third place student was senior Fletcher Curran, who received $35. Lyons’ poster will be used to promote a specific concert.

About 20 students participated in the contest.

“They got a deal,” Valdes said, referring to the festival organizers.

The Sebago-Long Lake Music Festival’s 34th season will include five 8 p.m. Tuesday performances on July 11, 18, 25, Aug. 1 and 8. Tickets are $20 for individual concerts, or $80 for the series of five evening concerts. Student tickets are $10 per concert.