Stuffed cat draws attention


NEW SHARON — A stuffed cat has appeared in the window of Carol Murphy’s house since state animal welfare agents seized more than 40 animals from the property last October.

Murphy was convicted by a jury this month on two counts of cruelty to animals, among other charges. She is serving four years in prison for assaulting a state trooper with a stun gun last October.

Darlene Power of New Sharon said Friday that she called the state’s Animal Welfare Program to report that she had seen a white, fluffy, cat-like animal in a window of Murphy’s house. The cat wasn’t there in October when Murphy was arrested. She has been in jail since her arrest.

“Initially, I thought it was a stuffed cat,” Power said. “But then the position changed. The cat used to look out the window; now it is facing the front door.”

If it was real, she wanted it taken care of, Power said. She alerted authorities and kept watch in case the animal was too weak to move.

Animal Welfare Executive Director Norma Worley said Tuesday that she had the town’s animal control officer, Wayne Atwood, check to see if it was a real animal.

Worley and Atwood confirmed Tuesday that the animal is a stuffed cat.

“It is white and furry and has plastic ears and it looks like there are cotton balls on it,” Atwood said. “It looks real, but it is not.”

Murphy has been said to have people watching her house while she is in jail.

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