Subsidizing our problems


I have just learned that welfare recipients on TANF will receive an additional $200 check because of the increased cost of heat this season. I am appalled.

Where is the help for the blue-collar worker/high taxpayer in this season’s heating crisis?

We fall between the cracks because we work for a living. It is my understanding that most people who receive the benefit live in subsidized housing and only pay a fraction of their rent, and that the majority of the apartments do not pay for heat. The heat is included in their rent.

Where is the break for taxpayers?

We sit and wonder why the state is in such financial trouble. Wasn’t it just a few months ago that some welfare recipients received an additional $200 check as a clothing allowance? Didn’t they also get the $200 extra payment last year also? The answer is yes and yes.

Where is all this “extra” money coming from? Couldn’t it be used to benefit working citizens once in a while?

Welfare reform? If you look it up in my dictionary, it would say, “the act of giving … and giving … and giving.” What incentive is there to get off welfare if everything is just handed to people?

I wonder how many of our state’s hard-working population know where their tax dollars are going. The other day, I read a ditty that said, “Government doesn’t resolve problems, government subsidizes them.” Food for thought.

Frank Jewett, Poland