Substance abuse forum planned


JAY – School officials have invited parents to a meeting next week to discuss drug and alcohol use among students and to try to find ways to address it.

High School Principal John Robinson sent a letter to parents inviting them to a forum at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 27, at the school library.

“We are looking to respond to drug issues and alcohol issues with our students,” Superintendent Robert Wall said Wednesday.

While the situation in Jay may not be worse than other high schools, Wall said, they are seeking to put together a coalition “with our parents and our community to support solutions to the use of drugs and alcohol by our students.”

The letter sent home, according to Wall, basically tells parents that “we need to talk to one another about how serious the problem is and what we can do together to help our kids who are involved in substance abuse to make better choices.”

“We know that parents and community members are significant factors in supporting safe and productive environments,” Wall said.

Robinson, Assistant Principal Kenric Charles, guidance counselors Ben Milster and Julie Talmage, substance abuse counselor Karen Haley, Police Chief Larry White Sr. and Wall will be on hand for the discussion.

It isn’t based on any one issue, Wall said.

“We have heard from many parents and students, and we have observed certain behavior,” he said.

This is a cooperative forum to talk to each other about the issues and how to work together to solve the use of drugs and alcohol by students, he said.

“I think this is extremely positive dialogue and hope to continue it further and it not be just a one-time situation,” Wall said.