Sumner board hears case for keeping Tri Town Rescue alive


SUMNER — Acting Tri Town Rescue Chief Norm St. Pierre and board member Susan Litchfield put their case to keep the ambulance service before selectmen Tuesday night.

 West Paris voted Saturday to keep Tri Town, but in order to do so Sumner, Greenwood and Milton Plantation will need to join in a quasi-municipal agency to support it.

 “Tri Town has been a valuable service in this area for 29 years and we want to keep it going,” Litchfield said.

The Board had several questions for St. Pierre. Selectman Mark Silber wanted to know the advantage of such an agency.

 St. Pierre said Tri Town would then be open to apply for grants and the participating towns would have joint ownership.

 Selectman Glen Hinkley said it would have to be decided by the voters of Sumner.


 Selectman Mary Ann Haxton pointed out that the annual town meeting is in August, so ow would Tri Town manage until then.

 St. Pierre said they are asking for $5,000 from all the towns, and he is working with the town manager of West Paris on this issue.

 Buckfield Rescue covers half of Sumner, so Tri Town would be servicing about 584 people at $15 per person.

St. Pierre said the service has paid all its bills and is financially solvent.

 Silber wanted to know how this was possible.

 St. Pierre said they had a lot of bills for services that had not been collected so they got busy and took care of back bills.

 Haxton said she was still concerned about the funds and wanted to know if they could get a financial report. St Pierre that would be forthcoming.

 When asked about what level of service they could offer, St .Pierre said they had seven paramedics now and were able to offer advanced life support.

 Silber asked St. Pierre about former conflicts with personnel, the administration and the board.

St. Pierre said the conflicts had all been resolved and the parties involved were no longer an issue.

 In other news, the board and fire Chief Bob Stewart are still discussing what to purchase for a new pumper firetruck. Stewart leans toward a new truck while the board would like to see the Fire Department opt for a truck that could be paid for out of the $95,000 they have in the fund.

Stewart said he was willing to look at all options, but he wanted something that would last a long time.

 Jim Durfee brought estimates to the board on reroofing the Town Office and fire garage. Durfee made his case for shingles over metal and the board voted to use shingles. Volunteers for the project are needed and those interested are asked to call the town office at 388-2866.