Sunrise times on weather page


DEAR SUN SPOTS: This question is about WCSH-TV information. I have tried many times to reach them at 207-828-6666 at different times of day to no avail. I am trying to reach the meteorologist for sunrise and sunset readings, especially this time of year. — Donald, Berlin, N.H.

ANSWER: Sun Spots had a bit of difficulty with Donald’s handwriting, so she hopes he will forgive her if she misread his question.

The phone number he listed is WCSH’s. Sun Spots has no explanation of why he hasn’t been able to get through. Her call was answered immediately.

However, she would be surprised if the meteorologists have time to return calls from individuals asking for sunrise and sunset times, especially since those numbers are presented each day on their weather broadcasts.

Those numbers are also in the Sun Journal every day. The weather page is usually the last page in the A section. Sun and moon information appears on the right-hand side of the page, just under the weather map.

Of course, these times are also on the Internet, even though that probably doesn’t do Donald much good.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Could you tell me if WCSH is doing its calendar this year? — Donna via email

ANSWER: Sun Spots emailed with Debbie at WCSH, who said no, they are not doing the calendar.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m a professor at Notre Dame researching two important early film distributors based in Lewiston: the Union Theatre Co., and the Maine and New Hampshire Theatres Co.

Both were organized by William “Bill” Carrigan and William P. Gray, who lived in the city. Do the paper’s archives go back to around 1914 through 1927 (Gray’s death)? If so, how can they be accessed? Best wishes. — Donald Crafton, [email protected]

ANSWER: Those archives are available online, thanks to Google. 

During the time period you are researching, there were two daily papers: the Lewiston Evening Journal and the Daily Sun. They merged in 1988 and became the Sun Journal.

The archives for the Sun Journal after 1988 are at

The Daily Sun archives, which begin in the 1890s, are at

The Lewiston Evening Journal, which begins in the 1860s, is at

You can read about accessing the archives in a previous Sun Spots column, (“Google archive printing possible, not easy”).

There may be a charge to access some archives; it depends on the time period sought.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Are there any knitting/crochet groups that meet during the day or on weekends in the winter? I was considering attending the group of knitters at the Auburn Public Library, but the hours are from 5 to 7 p.m., and I really dislike driving in the dark, which is even worse in the cold and on the ice. Thank you for your time. — Minnie Yarns via email

ANSWER: Sun Spots thinks you are wise. Readers, can you help Minnie?

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am the teen librarian at the Auburn Public Library. Each month I do a DIY with the teens. In either January or February, the craft I want to do with them requires small (4-ounce) baby food jars. I need about 24 of them.

If anyone has some to donate, please contact me at the library. Thank you. — Donna Wallace, [email protected], 207-333-6640, ext. 4

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